Miroshnik Family Studio Photo Shoot 2013-04-10

Photo shoot, family of four

I would like to share some pictures of Miroshnik family. Not all the time you gеt what you expect, especially when kids not in the mood for a photo shoot. So, first hour was kind of preparation for them to smile, play, and enjoy their time. Nevertheless, we got it work. In this family photo shoot you can see different types of pictures it is not just classic family portrait but portrait of the kids and parents separately.

picture of dad and two children

Picture of mother and her daughter

Picture of a couple

Picture of a daddy playing with his little girl

Picture of a 1 year girl sitting on a chair

Picture of a girl sitting on a pink chair

Picture of a smiling girl

Picture of a girl playing with apples

Picture of one year old girl with toys

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  1. Such a beautiful family and beautiful photos Andrey!! Great job! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Lena

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