Roman 2013-04-23

In this photo session I wanted to create the impression that the boy was performing on a stage. To accomplish this I imitate the curtain background, and put light behind the Roman to separate him from the curtains. In general, the idea was successful. Enjoy these wonderful pictures and do not forget to share them […]

Princess Veronika 2013-04-20

princess dress up photo session

I had an idea to do princess dress up photo session. I was lucky enough to photograph a little girl Veronika. She was a really good model. Despite that shooting time was more then one hour she stood and posed perfectly.

Miroshnik Family Studio Photo Shoot 2013-04-10

Photo shoot, family of four

I would like to share some pictures of Miroshnik family. Not all the time you gеt what you expect, especially when kids not in the mood for a photo shoot. So, first hour was kind of preparation for them to smile, play, and enjoy their time. Nevertheless, we got it work. In this family photo […]